Get rakeback In


Collect rake points and receive a rakeback up to 35% anytime


Receive Rake Points on poker cash tables


Exchange collected Rake points for real money anytime.

Every 100 rake points = 1₾

Minimal exchange amount

500 rake pints = 5₾

Level up

Increase your status and receive a bigger rakeback

Keep Elite status forever

Earn Elite status in one month and keep it forever


A player can check collected Rake points and exchange them in real money from the game window Lobby.




Bronze Level

90₾*10%=9₾ Rakeback

900 ქულა

A player earned 90₾ rake during August. With 90₾ rake, a player is on the Bronze status and has 10% rakeback. He’ll receive 90₾*10%=9₾ rakeback // 900 rake points.
If a player collects 1 000 points during the month, he will increase status and receive 15% rakeback.

Keep in mind!

  • All players start from Bronze status and receive 10% rakeback.
  • A player receives status for at least a month.
  • To increase status, within a month (from 1st day of the month to the 1st day of the next one) a player has to collect corresponding rake points.
  • A player can increase status several times within one month by collecting corresponding points.
  • A player automatically receives increased rakeback when he increases status.
  • Active status by the end of the month will be active for the next month too.

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