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Terms and conditions
What is a Live Casino Status Cashback?
  • Status Cashback is a Live Casino promotion and to take part in it a player must:
    • collect points in the Live Casino games
    • receive a corresponding status to their points
    • receive a cashback each week as a real money
How to collect points?
  • Points collection rules:
    • A player can collect points while playing on Europebet and Evolution Gaming tables.
    • A player receives 0.01 points on every 1₾ bet.
How to receive a status?
  • A player can receive or change status according to collected points:
    • Every player gets initial Chrome status.
    • A player receives Bronze status when he collects 300 points.
    • A player receives Silver status when he collects 1 500 points.
    • A player receives Gold status when he collects 3 000 points.
    • A player receives Platinum status when he collects 7 500 points.
    • A player receives Diamond status when he collects 30 000 points.
  • As soon as a player receives status, he/she retains it until the end of the week.
  • Obtained status is kept for 3 months.
    • Example: A player obtained the Gold status on August 3rd. He will keep the status until November 30th.
  • A player can improve a status any time by collecting corresponding points.
  • If a player does not improve his/her status, he/she will retain the current one for the full 3 calendar months and will then be re-arranged based on the activity of the last 3 months.
    • Example: A player obtained GOLD status on August, collected points corresponding to Silver status on September, then Bronze - in October and hasn’t played at all in November. He will be using the Gold status for those 3 months and then he will receive Silver status in December.
How to get a cashback?
  • Cashback accrual rule:
    • Losses in Europebet and Evolution Gaming live casinos are retrieved according to the table below:
      Status Points Cashback %
      Chrome 0 0%
      Bronze 300 3%
      Silver 1500 5%
      Gold 3000 10%
      Platinum 7500 15%
      Diamond 30000 20%
  • Total lost amount is calculated from 17:00 of Friday to 17:00 of the next Friday.
  • The cashback will be credited on Fridays before 17:15 on a player’s balance.

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