Get to know rules:

52 cards

A 52-card deck is used (excluding Jokers)

17 pocket

13 of 17 cards must be laid out into 3 boxes. The remaining 4 cards must be discarded

Max. 3

Maximal number of players - 3

On the table are missing:

Community cards

Betting rounds

The goal is to collect combinations in 3 boxes ascending below
Front box 3 cards - the weakest combination
Middle box 5 cards - medium strength combination
Back box 5 cards - the strongest combination
Alternate Text
Cards are dealt alternately on 5 streets, total of 13 cards separately

1st street

5 cards are dealt and players must lay out all 5 cards into three boxes.


2nd - 5th streets

Players receive 3 cards face down and lay two of them out into the boxes. Two cards are opened after discarding the rest.

The goal of the player is to achieve more points
Combinations are compared pairwise


A hand is dead, if a player fails to keep order in combinations strength


For each won hand


For all three won hands
Front box
Combinations Points
66 1
77 2
88 3
99 4
TT 5
JJ 6
QQ 7
KK 8
AA 9
222 10
333 11
444 12
555 13
666 14
777 15
888 16
999 17
TTT 18
JJJ 19
QQQ 20
KKK 21
AAA 22
Middle box
Combinations Points
Three of a kind 2
Straight 4
Flush 8
Full-house 12
Four of a kind 20
Straight Flush 30
Royal Flush 50
Back box
Combinations Points
Straight 2
Flush 4
Full-house 6
Four of a kind 10
Straight Flush 15
Royal Flush 25
The number of hands in a match equals to the number of players. However:

Match finishes if all players except one lose their entire chips.

The match increases by one hand if one of player achieves Fantasy combination.

is when:
  • There is a QQ combination in the front box
  • The hand isn’t dead

The player in Fantasy mode is at last dealt 14 undisclosed cards at once

  • A player is dealt 14 cards on Classic and Unlimited tables
  • A player is dealt from 14 to 17 cards depending on the combination in the front box on the Progressive Classic and Progressive Unlimited tables
QQ-14 | KK-15 | AA-16 | 222+ - 17
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“Fantasy” can be repeated if a player:
  • Collects three of a kind and stronger in the upper box;
  • Collects four of a kind and stronger in the lower box;
Alternate Text

Players can repeat Fantasy only once in a row on Classic and Progressive classic tables.
On Unlimited and Progressive Unlimited tables “Fantasy” repetition is not limited.

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Every table has its own cost of one point

Scores are summed up at the end of a match

Players are paid out after a pairwise comparison

The player to the left of the dealer pays to other players first

A player can lose all his chips to one player and can’t pay another

Chinese pineapple glossary:

Buy-in — the amount of real money a player must pay to participate in the game on Chinese poker tables. The amount of buy-in equals to Cap.

Cap – the limit on loss in a match. If at the beginning of a match a player has more money then Cap, the player can lose only the amount equaling to Cap.

Point score — the cost of one point.

The commissions of Chinese poker is 5%, max 10₾, and is collected from player’s winnings equally.

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