Use Cashout feature

Before or during the match and get a guaranteed amount before the final results of the slip.

Place A Bet

Use Cashout feature anytime

  • Cashout regardless of the beginning and the end of matches featured on the bet slip.
  • In order to use Cashout feature during the match, the position should feature in LIVE. If the position or match is not featured in Live, Cashout feature will disappear from the bet slip when match starts and a player will be unable to use Cashout feature.


  • You can withdraw the amount by clicking the CASHOUT button in the Bet History window.
  • The guaranteed amount of Cashout feature depends on the odds of positions on the slip and will be calculated separately for each slip.

Keep in mind

  • Cashout will be unavailable if ADD GAME feature is used in the active bet slip.
  • Cashout is not available for system bets.
  • After using Cashout feature, the slip is considered fully played regardless of the further development and/or the final results of the match.
  • After the use of the Cashout function, the slip is considered fully drawn regardless of the further development and the final result of the match.

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