Use the ADDGAME function

Add one or more positions to the current slip, increase odds and win more!


How can I do this?


Add any desired PreMatch and LIVE position by clicking the “+ADDGAME” button in the history of the current slip.

Conditions of using
the “ADDGAME” function:

  • The “ADDGAME” function can only be used on undecided bets. Slips are considered undecided if there is at least one position on it still to be wagered.
  • Positions can be added only to Single and Express type slips.
  • The “ADDGAME” function cannot be used with System bets.
  • The “ADDGAME” function can be used to add any PreMatch and LIVE position with any odds to the slip.
  • Adding a position to the slip, you cannot change the bet amount placed on the current slip.
  • It is possible to add a game to a bet placed LIVE; PreMatch and LIVE positions to be added can be selected from the same game, as well as any other match.

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